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The first three months of 2021 saw the strongest quarter for Hamptons home sales in six years, continuing the trend of suburbs and rural vacation areas seeing record growth and a lack of inventory during the pandemic. There were 509 home sales in the Hamptons, up nearly 50% from 343 sales in the first quarter
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and many other similar services have rapidly become staples of the real estate and larger business worlds. We have all learned to videoconference. But videoconferencing may produce some awkward surprises if we aren’t careful. Videoconferencing software often allows the conference to be recorded. Once recorded, the resulting data files can
Held twice a year in the spring and fall, the High Point Market is the world’s largest home furnishings trade show. 2,000 manufacturers from over 100 countries come to show their products in nearly 200 buildings encompassing 12.2 million square feet of showroom and exhibit space. Generating $6.73 billion annually, the scale of the show is dizzying, the largest economic event
The Solar Decathlon run by the United States Department of Energy is an extraordinary collegiate event which happens every two years. This year was no exception. The first place winner of this event went to the University of Colorado Boulder team. They attempted to build affordable housing to accommodate local residents who are being financially
Patrick is Founder and CEO of CARROLL, a national real estate firm combining institutional investment capacity with real estate operations.  For decades, the most important word in the multifamily real estate market has been “location.” Proximity to public transportation, closeness to local hot spots or distance to the office are often some of the biggest considerations
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are major players in sports, Hollywood, music—and investing. What does the A-List break-up mean for fortunes? Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have officially called it quits, splitting up one of the world’s richest power-couples. The pair, who started dating in 2017 and got engaged two years later, wielded a pop-culture
Mother Nature – a.k.a. necessity – is the mother of housing invention. Or it had better be. Every wildfire, super-convective storm, seismic spasm, tidal surge, polar vortex bomb cyclone, tornado, months-long drought, inch of coastal erosion – there were 22 events whose destructive toll eclipsed $1 billion and took 262 lives in 2020, according to
Investment Specialist, Team Denver Homes - RE/MAX Professionals. Highly successful real estate investors learn to get creative to maximize their investments over time. Most investors tend to follow the standard playbook: find a property in the MLS or an off-market property through a wholesaler; buy it with a goal of earning ongoing income or letting it appreciate
Median home listing prices hit a historic high of $370,000 according to Recently releasing its latest Monthly Housing Trends report, saw year-over-year median listing prices rise 15%. While that’s good news for sellers buyers continue to compete in markets where multiple offers often come in six figures above asking price especially in those

Real Estate Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

Ready to buy a new house? Keen on getting the best deal on your old property? New to real estate buying/selling? The Finance Bridge is here to help you. Our Real Estate Page brings you some of the best and time-tested real estate tips for home buyers and sellers.

While real estate may seem to be a simple trade for those not familiar with the industry, it does take a lot of knowledge and skill to make the best deals. Experience is one force that counts so much in this trade. It helps you get the pulse of the market, the buyers as well as the sellers.

The Finance Bridge has that knowledge and research that help you get there. And we’re more than happy to share it with you

Real Tips & Tricks for Real Estate

We’re a platform that aims at sharing information that is not just words on the page. When it is the experience that matters, the run of the mill, theoretical tips can do only so much for you.

With a host of real estate and finance experts by our side, we give you information, opinions, and insight that are grounded in real-life practices. So, when we share tips for home sellers, they come from those who have been in the business for decades.

Tips that Come from Experience

So, what has worked for us may not work for you. But when these tips come from a solid knowledge base, they work for you. These tips will come from no one but experts. So, you get advice that is sound.

Tricks that Actually Work

So, you read real estate tips & tricks for buyers all the time. But do all of them work? Maybe, maybe not. The idea is to put forth what can work. Innovation is a part of evolution. Add extensive knowledge to that, and we have a great combination. With The Finance Bridge, you get the best of innovative real estate tricks too.