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The coronavirus crisis has put college affordability into focus like never before. This year, because of the pandemic, the price of higher education is an even bigger consideration among students and parents. However, at the same time, the cost a four-year college or university has never been higher. Tuition and fees, alone, reached $10,560 for in-state students at four-year
Outdoor dining tents under constructions in Arlington, Virginia, on Feb. 5, 2021. Liu Jie/Xinhua via Getty More than 300,000 Americans lost unemployment benefits prematurely during the Covid pandemic, according to a study published Tuesday by the California Policy Lab. That’s due to a way many states account for unemployed workers, which has understated the severity
Halfpoint Images | Moment | Getty Images Millions of Americans have received some form of financial support from the government to help them get through the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has prompted the federal government to send three sets of stimulus checks, increase federal unemployment benefits and extend the duration and eligibility of those benefits,
As financial literacy advocates push for more personal finance education in schools, students are also joining the cause. Only 21 states require personal finance coursework to graduate high school, with just a handful mandating a stand-alone class, according to the Council for Economic Education. Yet research shows that those who have some financial education typically

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There is no perfect time to pay attention to personal finance. And the more you procrastinate, the messier it gets. You need to start somewhere. If you have been a bad money manager till now, our Personal finance tips are just what you need.

Get the advice that is working for the best of savers in the United States of America. Our tips help you with your personal saving and investment. Learn about the options that are available for you when it comes to managing your money wisely.

As your life grows through stages, it is important for you to realize that each stage demands different sorts of savings and investments. That and all other important knowledge is all predigested in our archives on our Personal Finance page.

Why The Finance Bridge

In a world after a pandemic that had been unheard of earlier, there are things you need to do to limp back to normal. As jobs and savings take a hit, there is a dire need to replan and reset your life on a progressive course.

Our posts that are replete with practical personal finance advice helps you make reconcile with the real grounds you are treading on. We help you make the best of the situation to amp up your saving and investment through the money management lessons that our posts have in store for you.

The finance Bridge is here as your go-to-place for personal finance tips that help you in real-world situations as the world in general and the United States of America struggle to make peace with restructuring.